Bangladesh: A Captivating Place to Visit

Bangladesh lies to the east of India. The lush greenery and numerous waterwaysmake it look amazingly beautiful. Here, boat travel is common. This beautiful country is famous among the tourists for its fertile plains and the Sundarbans on the southern coast. This enormous mangrove forest is home to the royal Bengal tiger.

Dhaka is a beautiful city and serves as the capital of Bangladesh. This largest city is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Old Town or Old Dhaka is home to architectural heritage and hosts some really significant national monuments and structures. It is one of the most populated cities in the world. The modern city is full of hustle and bustle due to a large number of populations. Some of the largest shopping malls in the world are established here.

There are many amusement parks where the tourists can hang out.  Because of cheap labor, the international restaurant chains are cheaper in this city. It is one of the most frenetic places and the streets and rivers are colorful frenzies.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines | Image Source :

Hazrat hahjalal International Airport serves both the city as well as the country. There are a number of international flights available from most continents. Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the flag carrier of Bangladesh. It is connected to approximately 18 international destinations and the frequency within the country is great. Flights from Dhaka to Jessore are scheduled at regular intervals.

Jessore is a district of Bangladesh. Jessore town is the capital of the district. In 1781, Jessore district was established which consists of 4 municipalities. It is famous for its crop produce-date sugar. It is called patali and is prepared from the sap of date trees.

Jessore Airport serves the city. If you are flying into Jessore then discover some interesting facts about the Jessore airport.

Jessore Airport

Jessore Airport | Image Source :

Facts About Jessore Airport:
This town is visited for varied reasons, tourism being the most important. Sagordari, Graveyard of GaziKaluChampaboti, Tetulia Mosque, Benapol Border Gate, Chachra Royal Palace BaliaVakutia Village, etc are some of the famous tourist’s places. Domestic airport in Bangladesh handles flights within Bangladesh. Over the period of time, the infrastructure and facilities at this airport have been developed to meet the demands of the passengers and time.

  • The Jessore is one of 8 airports in Bangladesh.
  • It is one of the smaller airports in the country.
  • It is a domestic airport operated and maintained by the Civil Aviation
  • Authority, Bangladesh.
  • This airport is also used by the Bangladesh Air Force.
  • It is used as a training airfield for Bangladesh Air Force Academy.
  • This airport serves the city with minimal facilities.
  • It serves around 7-8 flights in a day.
  • For the passengers, there is a waiting room where they can wait until the flight is announced or scheduled.
  • Terminal has one small convenient store.
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair, United Airways and US-Bangla
  • Airlines connect the town to the capital city Dhaka.

Visit this amazing place and explore the real beauty of Bangladesh. The chaotic place is best for a great escape.


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