A Trip to Mumbai to Visit a Client for an Important Discussion on Upcoming Project

I had to make a trip to Mumbai for a client meeting to discuss an upcoming project. The client wanted me to show a demo and asked me to meet him within the next two days. Tickets for the Mumbai trip were done on Jet Airways.

Air Ticket BookingAir Ticket Booking | Image Resource : hemanttravels.com

About Jet Airways and My Journey on the Carrier

Jet Airways is a leading domestic carrier in India, operating from its hubs in Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai. The airline is the second largest in the Indian domestic flight market and is known or its excellent passenger service. Air ticket booking for a flight on this carrier can be done through its easy online booking system.

Currently it operates to 68 destinations, enabling travelers to reach key cities inside the country and abroad. Through its many codeshare agreements, it is able to provide connectivity to those locations that it does not directly service. Its frequent flyer program is called Jet Privilege through which travelers can enjoy greater perks and benefits.

My journey on the carrier was smooth and lasted one and a half hours. During the journey I enjoyed meals and some refreshments. Once the flight landed, I took a cab to reach my lavish hotel accommodation.

Oberoi Hotel – Epitome of Elegance and Luxury

My place of stay was the opulent five star Oberoi hotel. Situated in Nariman Point, this hotel has 287 rooms which are spread across 21 floors. My room was lavishly furnished and inclusive of the most modern comfort. I was able to enjoy an elegant interior ambience and facilities ranging from plush bedding to wi-fi and much more.

The hotel has three restaurants, where you can enjoy sumptuous Indian and international cuisine. The menu offered in each one of them is refreshing and all dishes are prepared in gourmet style. Guests can also enjoy dinner by the pool side and even opt to cook with the master chef to create dishes that are suitable for their palette.

Key recreation facilities are kid’s pool spa, beauty salon, swimming pool, massage center and gym. Using the services of the travel desk, guests can enjoy sightseeing tours.

A key aspect about this hotel is it business facilities which are state of the art. This service is highly conducive for conducting meetings and conference as various office furniture and communication device are available for such activities. Other key guest facilities are babysitting, room service, butler service, laundry, doctor on call and housekeeping.

Meeting with the Client Was Successful

I took a cab to reach the client’s venue for the meeting. The meeting lasted for a couple of hours, during which time; I discussed many key points and showed my demo. I also clarified many issues with the client and we had lunch at the local restaurant. I then came back to the hotel in a cab.

Visiting the Famous Elephanta Caves

I had heard so much about the beautiful Elephanta caves and decided to visit it. It is a UNESCO designated world heritage site. Located on the Elephanta Island, the caves have sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist gods, which can be seen in two separate cave sections.

As I passed through the sculptures, I was amazed at the sheer intricacy of work that had been put into them. After spending time till early evening in the caves, I returned to the hotel to pack or my return flight.


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