Get Down To The Fine Eateries: Best Places To Eat In Washington !

Washington is the capital city of United States of America, but to food connoisseurs; it is mainly known for serving some mouth-watering steaks and fresh salads. However, previously it wasn’t famous for its dining scene, but it has changed over the years, and it is currently considered as a famous place for many finest eateries in the United States.

When you visit Washington, you will find that many restaurants in Washington have made to the list of best restaurants in America. These diners are spread across the town, and you will find many types of delicacies that you crave for.

Some of the Best Places To Eat in Washington

The following points will denote the name of some of the best eateries in Washington where you can tease your taste bud with different delicacies and you will surely this tour for a very long time:

Rose’s Luxury –

Rose’s Luxury is one of the famous eateries in whole Washington, and you have to stand in the queue for a long time to get a seat in the eateries as they don’t take a reservation. While you are in the diner, at the beginning you treat yourself with a cocktail which is made up of brisket fat washed moonshine and apple cider. The menu in these changes occasionally and their southern style Chicken is famous among foodies of Washington.

Rose’s Luxury | Image Resource:

Komi –

Komi is run by Johnny Monis who is famous for serving some audacious foods in the city which are mostly created by him. Most of the foods have Mediterranean influence and are mixed with unusual ingredients that are uncommon in other diners in Washington. The menu in this diner always changes but their suckling is a pig is widely famous among its visitors. It is not a highly sophisticated diner but beautiful enough to make your time memorable.

Fiola –

If you are looking for mouth-watering Italian dishes then Fiola should be on your list during your visit to Washington. This place is run by Fabio Trabocchi, and it was established in 2011. Pasta is the most ordered dish in this diner, but various seafood can also be found on the menu. This diner even has a bar that serves six different type of Negroni.

Marcel’s –

If exquisite food is what you are craving for then you should head out to Marcel’s located on Pennsylvania Avenue. The diner boasts some state of the earth decoration, and the ambiance of the diner suits its menu list.

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Getting a hand on cheap international air tickets might seem tough for you, but you will be excited to know that there are many flight booking portals that offer this kind of deals. However it is recommended that you should book international flight ticket one or two weeks in advance, and instantly you will get a deal which will allow you to book your ticket at a cheap rate. Some sites or apps even offer heavy discounts to new users who register on the site for the first time.

Cheap international air tickets | Image Resource:


Exotic Historic Sports In Boston Filled With Surprise For Visitors To Visit And Cherish


Etihad | Image Resource :

Boston! The place which is worth stating and never fails to grab the attention of travelers who grasp a powerful belief when its matter of reserving flights to Boston. Not only this city is considered as the Massachusetts capital but it is even contemplated to be the biggest city in England.

This great town stands a house for plenty of present time attractions and a witness to the country’s rich history. If you need to savor the flavor of the city’s present and past, then Boston is the place which must be on the top of your tour itinerary.

Historic sites in Boston – revealing the real beauty

  • Granary burial ground – It is the 3rd ancient burying ground of Boston city and incorporates graves of so many well known folks. The ground is so elegantly beautified with fine trees which it surely imparts tranquility to the necropolis.
  • Bunker Hill Monument – This 221 feet granite obelisk recalls the war of Bunker Hill. Rangers offer info about the past of the vital battle, as well as a seasonal musket firing appends a note of originally.
  • Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area – Boston Harbor islands are distinct section of the national park system. The 12 ready to seek islands provide an assortment of activities for the active island exploit like doing some fishing, camping, sharing a picnic, getting into the water on kayak/for a swim, taking a hike, spotting wildlife, and checking out historic spots.
  • Old North Church – This is the place where the well known signal warned Cambridge inhabitant, which the British were coming by sea with 2 of Paul Revere’s lanterns at night of 18th April 1775. The ancient church structure in Boston, the old north yet stays an active Episcopal church.
  • Boston’s Freedom Trail – An extraordinary manner to view Boston! Put on ease shoes and experience 2 and ½ mile path full of historical info. The trails begin at Boston common; however can effortlessly be picked up at any spot along the path just by following indications all around the town.
  • USS Constitution – It crawls aboard old ironsides and view why this ship was able to reside via its period at battle. Fabricated in north end utilizing spikes, bolts and other components from Paul Revere’s Foundry, ancient ironsides is marinade with Boston past.

Have an amazing experience when you soar with Etihad Airways

As per the travel pro’s, Etihad Airways reservation booking for Boston has witnessed an appreciable rise in the past certain years, due to its state-of-art services and amenities provided in its airplane. The carrier provides a host in-flight entertainment amenities that make the travel hassle free as well as pleasant. Apart from the fine dining facilities provided with models that add to the convenience and comfort of the flyers. They can relish a range of refreshing drinks, scrumptious snacks, and palatable delicacies during the journey. So what are yet waiting for? Book the flight to Boston and have a pleasant flying experience!

Bangladesh: A Captivating Place to Visit

Bangladesh lies to the east of India. The lush greenery and numerous waterwaysmake it look amazingly beautiful. Here, boat travel is common. This beautiful country is famous among the tourists for its fertile plains and the Sundarbans on the southern coast. This enormous mangrove forest is home to the royal Bengal tiger.

Dhaka is a beautiful city and serves as the capital of Bangladesh. This largest city is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Old Town or Old Dhaka is home to architectural heritage and hosts some really significant national monuments and structures. It is one of the most populated cities in the world. The modern city is full of hustle and bustle due to a large number of populations. Some of the largest shopping malls in the world are established here.

There are many amusement parks where the tourists can hang out.  Because of cheap labor, the international restaurant chains are cheaper in this city. It is one of the most frenetic places and the streets and rivers are colorful frenzies.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines | Image Source :

Hazrat hahjalal International Airport serves both the city as well as the country. There are a number of international flights available from most continents. Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the flag carrier of Bangladesh. It is connected to approximately 18 international destinations and the frequency within the country is great. Flights from Dhaka to Jessore are scheduled at regular intervals.

Jessore is a district of Bangladesh. Jessore town is the capital of the district. In 1781, Jessore district was established which consists of 4 municipalities. It is famous for its crop produce-date sugar. It is called patali and is prepared from the sap of date trees.

Jessore Airport serves the city. If you are flying into Jessore then discover some interesting facts about the Jessore airport.

Jessore Airport

Jessore Airport | Image Source :

Facts About Jessore Airport:
This town is visited for varied reasons, tourism being the most important. Sagordari, Graveyard of GaziKaluChampaboti, Tetulia Mosque, Benapol Border Gate, Chachra Royal Palace BaliaVakutia Village, etc are some of the famous tourist’s places. Domestic airport in Bangladesh handles flights within Bangladesh. Over the period of time, the infrastructure and facilities at this airport have been developed to meet the demands of the passengers and time.

  • The Jessore is one of 8 airports in Bangladesh.
  • It is one of the smaller airports in the country.
  • It is a domestic airport operated and maintained by the Civil Aviation
  • Authority, Bangladesh.
  • This airport is also used by the Bangladesh Air Force.
  • It is used as a training airfield for Bangladesh Air Force Academy.
  • This airport serves the city with minimal facilities.
  • It serves around 7-8 flights in a day.
  • For the passengers, there is a waiting room where they can wait until the flight is announced or scheduled.
  • Terminal has one small convenient store.
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair, United Airways and US-Bangla
  • Airlines connect the town to the capital city Dhaka.

Visit this amazing place and explore the real beauty of Bangladesh. The chaotic place is best for a great escape.

A Trip to Mumbai to Visit a Client for an Important Discussion on Upcoming Project

I had to make a trip to Mumbai for a client meeting to discuss an upcoming project. The client wanted me to show a demo and asked me to meet him within the next two days. Tickets for the Mumbai trip were done on Jet Airways.

Air Ticket BookingAir Ticket Booking | Image Resource :

About Jet Airways and My Journey on the Carrier

Jet Airways is a leading domestic carrier in India, operating from its hubs in Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai. The airline is the second largest in the Indian domestic flight market and is known or its excellent passenger service. Air ticket booking for a flight on this carrier can be done through its easy online booking system.

Currently it operates to 68 destinations, enabling travelers to reach key cities inside the country and abroad. Through its many codeshare agreements, it is able to provide connectivity to those locations that it does not directly service. Its frequent flyer program is called Jet Privilege through which travelers can enjoy greater perks and benefits.

My journey on the carrier was smooth and lasted one and a half hours. During the journey I enjoyed meals and some refreshments. Once the flight landed, I took a cab to reach my lavish hotel accommodation.

Oberoi Hotel – Epitome of Elegance and Luxury

My place of stay was the opulent five star Oberoi hotel. Situated in Nariman Point, this hotel has 287 rooms which are spread across 21 floors. My room was lavishly furnished and inclusive of the most modern comfort. I was able to enjoy an elegant interior ambience and facilities ranging from plush bedding to wi-fi and much more.

The hotel has three restaurants, where you can enjoy sumptuous Indian and international cuisine. The menu offered in each one of them is refreshing and all dishes are prepared in gourmet style. Guests can also enjoy dinner by the pool side and even opt to cook with the master chef to create dishes that are suitable for their palette.

Key recreation facilities are kid’s pool spa, beauty salon, swimming pool, massage center and gym. Using the services of the travel desk, guests can enjoy sightseeing tours.

A key aspect about this hotel is it business facilities which are state of the art. This service is highly conducive for conducting meetings and conference as various office furniture and communication device are available for such activities. Other key guest facilities are babysitting, room service, butler service, laundry, doctor on call and housekeeping.

Meeting with the Client Was Successful

I took a cab to reach the client’s venue for the meeting. The meeting lasted for a couple of hours, during which time; I discussed many key points and showed my demo. I also clarified many issues with the client and we had lunch at the local restaurant. I then came back to the hotel in a cab.

Visiting the Famous Elephanta Caves

I had heard so much about the beautiful Elephanta caves and decided to visit it. It is a UNESCO designated world heritage site. Located on the Elephanta Island, the caves have sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist gods, which can be seen in two separate cave sections.

As I passed through the sculptures, I was amazed at the sheer intricacy of work that had been put into them. After spending time till early evening in the caves, I returned to the hotel to pack or my return flight.

Exploring New Flavours Of Madurai In A Short Journey

Chennai To Madurai Flights

Chennai To Madurai Flights | Image Resource :

Cooking is not just a profession for me. It is an art. I often travel to different locations to enhance my culinary skills and learn to prepare new dishes. I went on a similar trip to Madurai last winter. I travelled from Chennai to Madurai by JetKonnect. As I have travelled across different parts of south India by air, I was well aware that the price of tickets of Chennai to Madurai flights is higher during the winter season. So, I booked my tickets a month in advance and was able to avail a lucrative discount on them. I reached the city as per the scheduled time.

I stayed at a hotel based in Lady Doak College Road. It was located close to major tourist attractions of the city such as Seventh Day Adventist Church and Meenakshi Amman Kovil. It was well connected with the airport also. The hotel offered a wide range of modern amenities such as laundry, doctor on call, Jacuzzi, gym and pool. Therefore, my stay at the hotel was a highly comfortable one. Here are some of the major high points of my Madurai sojourn: –


Meenakshi Amman Temple | Image Resource :

Visiting the notable landmarks around Madurai

The next day, I went out to visit the major attractions of this ancient city. My first destination was the Meenakshi Amman Temple. This famous temple is dedicated to Shiva and named after his consort, Parvati. Constructed by Kulasekara Pandya, the temple finds mention in ancient Tamil songs as early as the 7th century. It was destroyed in 1310 by Malik Kafur and rebuilt in its present form by Nayaks who ruled here from 16th to 18th centuries. The thousand-pillar hall within the temple is a treat for the eyes.

I also visited the Samanar Hills located at a short distance from the temple. The caves here were used by Samanar monks who were Jains and were in use as early as 1 AD. The Jain carvings and sculptures here are exquisite. The hill top provides a panoramic view of the city. Pancha Pallam, a natural is located here. The tranquil atmosphere of the hills attracts many visitors.

Paruthi Paal

Paruthi Paal | Image Resource :

Tasting local delicacies

I returned to my hotel from sightseeing quite late during the afternoon and was pretty hungry. My lunch was served in due course. The Paruthi Paal, a drink made from cotton seeds, jaggery, flour of raw rice and coconut helped me to get over the tiredness. It is one of the specialties of Madurai and is considered very good for people suffering from cough and cold.

I had Meen Kozambhu, a fish based recipe as main course. The gravy was prepared using tamarind, urad dal and toor dal. The use of chillies and tamarind gave the fish curry a hot and sour taste. I ended the meal with a drink named Jil Jil Jigarthanda, which is another specialty of Madurai. Prepared using almond gum, milk, sugar, sarsaparilla root syrup and ice cream, it satisfied my cravings for a cold beverage to the full.

What was unique about the Madurai trip?

So far, I used to focus mainly on starters and main course dishes. But after the Madurai trip, I started experimenting with cold beverages as well. Truly, the trip taught me many new things.

Enjoy Good Services and Facilities In Pune To Delhi Flights

Delhi the national capital of India is well connected with other parts of the country. You can also find direct flights to Delhi from Pune for your travel. If you are a regular flyer in this route then book your tickets in advance for the journey and get many discounts and rebates on your flight tickets. The Plan your Journey in Advance and Book Low Fare Tickets flights can be booked easily in any of the classes of the airlines online.

Plan your Journey in Advance and Book Low Fare Tickets


Pune to Delhi flights | Image Resource :

Low fare tickets are available for the travel. You can book the tickets at least 40 to 50 days in advance and get the Pune to Delhi flights at their lowest fares. The lowest fare day for this sector is Tuesday and Wednesday. The flights for weekends are slightly higher priced than flights on other days of the week. Similarly the flights that are scheduled on early mornings and late nights are low priced than tickets on other hours.

Direct Flights by Airlines

Many airlines have started operations in this sector. You can find direct flights as well as connecting flights by a number of airlines. The major airlines providing direct weekly Pune to Delhi flights are Jet Airways, Indigo, Jet konnect, Go air and Air India. Around 348 weekly direct flights are available in this sector for the passengers. The list of airlines with their weekly direct flights is as follows

  • 166 flights by Jet Airways
  • 13 direct weekly flights by Spice Jet
  • 85 direct weekly flights by Indigo
  • 21 weekly direct flights by Airmark Indonesian Aviation
  • 21 weekly flights by Go Air
  • 28 by Jet Lite
  • 14 flights every week by Vistara Airlines

Online services and facilities have been started by many airlines in the sector for passengers. You can book the air tickets in the economy class and the business class of the flights between Pune and Delhi. You can also get the online flight schedule and online flight status of the airlines. The flight time table and fare for the different days are available online for travel in this sector.


Business class in pune to delhi flight | Image Resource :

Online Check in

Direct flights in this sector have started the facility of online check in. You can make use of this service by printing your boarding passes from home and also select your seats online. After doing the online check in proceed to the security check in and drop your baggage without standing in long queues at the airports.

In-flight services are good by airlines. The no frills airlines do not provide free meals and beverages in this sector but the same can be bought on board. The on board menu is available with the airlines. Many airlines have business class that have lavish services and comfortable recliner seats for the passengers. Lounge access can also be availed by the passengers.

Baggage allowance of the airlines is good in this sector. You can carry both checked in baggage and hand baggage for the journey. Extra luggage can also be carried after paying the additional charges at the airports. The baggage limit for the different airlines in the sector can be seen online.